Sustainable Tourism – Travel Oregon’s Destination Development Process – Sorry this mission is full!

Portland and Region, Oregon, USA

October 22 - 27, 2017


The question and definition of sustainability within travel is no longer something that can be considered “niche” within the tourism industry. It has become part of the everyday expectation for visitors to our region.  Given the very fragile eco-systems and communities that we are introducing visitors to in Atlantic Canada, how can we better position our destinations and businesses to adhere to sustainable tourism practices and also connect those practices in unique and interesting ways for the visitor?

Travel Oregon is recognized as a leader in North America when it comes to sustainable practices within its Destination Development process. At the centre of everything they do they believe that the aim of sustainable travel is to “sustain or enhance communities through the overall well being of its communities environment, culture and economy.”

During our time in Oregon we will experience how Travel Oregon has built out a destination development process called “Studios” to help destinations, both rural and urban, develop products and experiences that tell the story of Oregon.  From world-class food/wine experiences to adventure travel to trails, we will experience some of the great things Oregon has to offer and come to understand how business and government can work together to promote and deliver world class sustainable tourism experiences.

Leading us on this missions will be Bobby Chappell.  Bobby has worked with hundreds of tourism businesses, overseen 90+ eco-certifications and been project leader on dozens of sustainable development projects with partners such as Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Hostelling International, Expedia, Innovation Norway, and the Town of Vail, Colorado. Bobby has also contributed to the development of standards and monitoring systems including the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations, European Sustainable Tourism Indicators and the Seychelles Sustainability Standard.

Learning Objectives

  • How communities have used Travel Oregon’s Studio programs to develop tourism products/experiences
  • How businesses have incorporated specific sustainable tourism practices into their operations as part of world class experiences
  • How to communicate and interact with visitors around sustainable tourism issues
  • About carrying capacity issues around heritage and natural assets
  • Deeper appreciation for Limits of Acceptable Change concepts for business and destination development
  • Connecting visitor expectations with business goals and needs of communities
  • Destination marketing and development; different roles of media
  • How to improve their own business operations around sustainability
  • How to develop award winning travel experiences that sell the brand of Oregon Travel

Estimated Costs

$2700 – $3000 (Depending on Airport Departure).  For those who are eligible there is a 50% subsidy on all eligible costs up to a maximum of $1500.

Target Participants

Accommodation Owners, Adventure Tour Operators, Experiential Tour Operators, Eco-Tour Operators, Culinary Operators, Economic/Tourism Development Officers, DMO managers, Sustainable Tourism Managers and Regional Development Corporations.


Please click for the draft itinerary Trends in Sustainable Destination Development_Oregon_agenda descriptions_8.3.17